This is Akastor

Akastor is a Norway-based oil-services investment company with a portfolio of industrial holdings, real estate and other investments. The company has a flexible mandate for active ownership and long-term value creation.  

Akastor ASA (hereinafter referred to as Akastor) is an investment company based in Norway with a portfolio of companies in the oilfield services sector in addition to other smaller-sized holdings. The portfolio companies of Akastor were organized as independent companies following the demerger of Aker Solutions ASA in September 2014. Akastor was the surviving entity in the demerger, and subsequently has been established as an investment company with independent portfolio companies, responsible for all aspects of their own operations.

The portfolio comprises: drilling systems and lifecycle services supplier MHWirth; vessel-based subsea well construction and intervention services provider AKOFS Offshore; surface oil and gas equipment supplier KOP Surface Products; and other smaller sized holdings. The portfolio businesses are developed as standalone entities under the Akastor umbrella.

Akastor’s portfolio companies generated 2015 revenues of NOK 15.9 billion, EBITDA of NOK 702 million and employ 5 677 people worldwide.

Akastor operates a lean corporate center with 23 employees situated at Lysaker (Fornebu), Norway. Akastor’s aim is to develop and refine our portfolio companies as stand-alone enterprises, with the goal of maximizing the value potential of each entity. Akastor works to clarify the portfolio companies’ business models, capitalize on their market positions, and strengthen underdeveloped areas of value creation. Akastor has a range of strategic, operational and financial value-creating measures at its disposal, including operational improvements and organic growth, acquisitions and divestments, and financial measures..


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