It‘s about people

We are committed to managing employment relationships based on our Values and our People Policy. This means:

  • Leadership consistent with our Values and the People Policy
  • Zero accident mindset with regard to Health, Safety and the Environment and zero tolerance to alcohol and drugs abuse
  • Career opportunities based on fair and equitable judgements of the individual’s performance, attitudes and behaviour, and the needs of AKOFS Offshore
  • That we will respect you as a person, treat you with dignity and take full account of the cultural diversity that exists within AKOFS Offshore
  • That we will be sensitive to your personal preferences and wellbeing particularly where this may involve your family
  • You will be rewarded fairly, based on sound judgements that are clearly communicated to you
  • Development and learning opportunities consistent with your abilities, career aspirations and the needs of the business
  • That raising any issue of genuine concern, including but not limited to safety, ethics, alcohol or drugs, equal opportunity or harassment, will have no adverse effect on you or your career