Increasing value with world class operations and services

AKOFS Offshore is a provider of vessel-based subsea well construction and intervention services to the oil and gas industry.

With a highly competent and diverse organization we cover all phases from conceptual development to project execution and offshore operations. The company operates three state-of-the-art vessels, the AKOFS Seafarer, the AKOFS Santos and the Aker Wayfarer. Our vessels are designed to perform operations in up to 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) of water.

Our main markets are in Brazil, North Sea, West Africa, and the Gulf of Mexico.

With new technology, world class equipment and an experienced team we provide superior deepwater oilfield services to leading oil and gas producers and subsea service providers around the globe. The company is positioned to benefit from growth in the well intervention market and increased demand for efficient installation of production equipment as oil and gas producers venture into increasingly deep waters.

Strong and experienced owners

In September 2016 AKOFS Offshore (“AKOFS”) and Akastor ASA (“Akastor”) entered a strategic partnership with the leading Japanese investment company Mitsui & Co Ltd ("Mitsui") and its shipping company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd ("MOL") to jointly own the SESV vessel Skandi Santos. Following this, Akastor entered into a Share Purchase Agreement in June 2018, where each of Mitsui and MOL purchased 25% of the shares in AKOFS from Akastor forming a Joint Venture ownership of AKOFS Offshore.

The remaining 50% will continue to be owned by Akastor. Through this transaction, Mitsui and MOL will, as a long-term business partner, together with Akastor, assume an active role in the further support and development of AKOFS Offshore.  AKOFS Offshore is dedicated to developing long term value for our stakeholders. At the same time our owners play an important role with experience, dedication and strong financial positions. This will in the coming years enable us to develop services for demanding customers around the world.
Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is our key governing document which describes the ethical principles that guides our business operations.

Code of Conduct
Acting with integrity is key to our company culture. We perform our duties using the highest standards of ethics and integrity at all times.

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We provide integrated marine, subsea- and well intervention services world-wide. The success of our company rests on our ability to provide safe and high quality services.

We are committed to:

Working towards the “Zero” vision

We believe that we with proper precautions in our operations can prevent all accidents and incidents, injuries, ill health and pollution of the environment

Personal responsibility for HSEQ

Taking personal responsibility for HSEQ by focusing on own behaviour

Managing HSEQ

Managing HSEQ as a core line management responsibility. Our leaders at all levels are expected to coach their teams with regards to HSEQ and to act as role models

Stop unsafe work

Stopping unsafe work - all our personnel have this right and duty

Protect the environment, health, safety and property

Working to protect the environment and the health, safety and property of the parties involved in our activities

Trust, ethical principles and respect

Working together based on trust, ethical principles and respect for the individual

Adopt a proactive risk management approach

Adopting a proactive risk management approach in all our critical activities

Adopting a “One-Team” approach

Adopting a “One-Team” approach as a key principle for how we cooperate and align internally and externally

Complying with legislation, requirements and internal standards

Complying with legislation, requirements and with our internal company standards. Compliance to the international HSEQ management standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 is a foundation for our internal HSEQ management system.

Review and improve HSEQ results

Systematically review, communicate and continuously improve our HSEQ results

Our aim; profitable, safe and sustainable operations

We are committed to being part of the transition to a sustainable world. We aim for profitable, safe and sustainable operations.
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We will have safe, professional and healthy working conditions. We have zero tolerance for the discrimination, harassment and degrading treatment of employees.
Sustainability in action: Offshore hybrid battery power installation
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We are committed to reducing impact on the environment caused by our operations. The advancement of technology and new methods in our operations are large parts of our contribution to make the industry more sustainable. AKOFS – a key player in developing energy-efficient solutions in our industry


AKOFS Offshore, our subsidiaries and our employees adhere to our strict Code of Conduct. In addition, we follow our owner, Akastor’s, governance and best practice recommendations from the OsloStock Exchange and the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board (NUES). Regular risk reviews are conducted by the board of directors, including environmental and climate-related risk.