AKOFS Seafarer ready for first monohull riser-based CT intervention on NCS

AKOFS Seafarer has just completed mobilization for an upcoming 3 well campaign as part of the 5 year contract for well intervention for Equinor on NCS. The work has been performed at the Myklebust yard in Norway. Thanks to the OneTeam for completing an intensive mobilization without any serious safety incidents!

Following successful riser-less interventions since second half 2020, Equinor and AKOFS have mobilized for a riser-based campaign using coiled tubing through an option in the contract. The AKOFS Seafarer has proven to be an extremely efficient vessel for riser-less interventions year round on NCS thanks to its unique set-up, size and lay-out as well as the OneTeam model implemented by AKOFS and its operating partners Archer, WellTec and IKM Subsea. Utilizing its flexibility, a high pressure work-over riser system has now been mobilized and added to the vessel together with a coiled tubing spread and fluid return treatment system.

The AKOFS Seafarer is now en-route to Equinor-operated fields Norne, Åsgard and Statfjord where well objectives will include scale, sand and debris removals, perforations as well as installation of plugs and screens.