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Hybrid battery power installation on AKOFS Seafarer

To reduce fuel consumption and emissions AKOFS Offshore has invested NOK 45 million in a battery system and a selective catalytic reduction system.

To reduce fuel consumption and CO2/NOx emissions AKOFS Offshore has invested NOK 45 million in an energy storage (battery) system and in ECR, a selective catalytic reduction system for the AKOFS Seafarer.

Highly efficient operations contribute to reduced GHG emissions.

CO2 emissions will be reduced by 2 500 tonnes per year due to a 15% reduction of fuel consumption during well operations. The combination of the energy storage system and ECR will reduce NOx emissions by ~87%, lowering NOx emissions by ~280 tonnes per year.

In addition to the energy storage system, giving fuel efficient Dynamic Operations, and the exhaust catalyst system, the “Green Profile” of AKOFS Seafarer is further strengthen with investments in unique equipment providing for highly efficient operations. A key to this is a groundbreaking safe and efficient system for Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) handling and running, reducing the time needed on well operations significantly. With all these upgrades, the vessel will increase its operability, shorten time for operations on the well, and as such, considerable improve the environmental footprint from

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Success stories