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AKOFS Seafarer is classified as a Well Intervention Unit in compliance with the IMO-MODU code.

It and has “Acknowledgement of Compliance” to Norwegian rules (“AOC” or “SUT”) for operation as an offshore installation in Norwegian waters. The unit is environmentally friendly with focus on low fuel consumption, low exhaust emissions, and has precautions in accordance with DNV’s “Clean” and“Battery” class requirements incorporated into the vessel design.

The unit’s main features are:

•   Riserless subsea wireline well intervention (70m –1500m), year round in harsh environement

•     Ready for medium and deepwater riser based wellintervention, utilizing 7 3/8” high pressure riser facilitating

-     Wireline, slickline and e-line, intervention

-     Coiled tubing, up to 2 7/8” size, intervention

-     Pumping services

-     Well clean-up and well testing

•     Installation/retrieval of subsea tree systems

•     Subsea construction and installation

•     ROV operations/survey

AKOFS Seafarer is fitted with a 42 metre tall derrick with an active heave compensated cranes: one of 400 tonnes and one of 100 tonnes (dual fall)capacity. The vessel has a skidding system with pallet capacities of 100 tonnes in the moonpool area and 60 tonnes outside.

Largest monohull well intervention vessel in the market
Sized to house deep water riser intervention system, wireline and coiled tubing spread plus a well test package.

Safe intervention on DP
Tension systems catering for large drive and drift off’s without risk of compensator lock up or pressure control rig up hitting drill floor.

Innovative Upper riser system
Use of submerged flow and safety head with low pressure telescopic joint facilitating building of wireline / coiled tubing toolstrings in non heaving environment.

Integral fluid & pumping systems
• 400 m3 mixing system
• 45 m3 bulk storage
• 400 m3 fluid storage + 1000 m3 drillwater
• 3 HP pumps + 1 chemical injection pump

State of the art 450 tonnes module handling system
Automated handling systems minimizing manual handling

Key data


156.9 m x 27.0 m


9,753 T

P.O.B. (Single and Double Cabins)


2 Offshore cranes

400t Main Crane & 50-100t 2nd Crane

450 t Derrick and Module Handling system

2-off heavy duty work class ROV's

1 centre moonpool and 2 sliding side ports with LARS

Automated Riser Handling

Integrated Fluid & Pumping Systems

Well test area, burner booms and deluge system


7.2m x 7.2m


DNV Well Intervention Unit