AKOFS Offshore has been involved in several renewable energy projects delivering vessel and marine services in support of both well-established offshore wind energy projects, as well as projects within more novel renewable energies like tidal- and wave energy.

Renewable energy projects both well-established offshore wind energy projects, and more novel projects.

Tidal energy
AKOFS Offshore has installed and retrieved several tidal turbines both in France, Scotland, and the Orkneys:

May 2011: Installation of Tidal turbine, Orkney Islands at the EMEC Test facility [for Atlantis Resources Corp Ltd] Picture (see also attached) from onboarding at Invergordon (Queen’s Dock), Scotland Picture (see also attached) from installation at the EMEC Test facility, Orkney Islands

February 2015: Decommissioning of Tidal Turbine, Orkney Islands at the EMEC Test facility [for Voith Hydro GmbH]

July 2016: Retrieval of tidal turbine off Brest in France [for Sabella Tidal Energy] Pictures (see also attached) from retrieval at Sabella Tidal Energy’s test site, off Brest, France Picture (see also attached), retrieved tidal turbine at port of Brest, France

October 2016: Installation of one of the first tidal turbine at Mygen 1st commercial tidal plant at Pentland Firth, Scotland [for Mygen] [World’s first large-scale tidal energy farm launches in Scotland] Pictures (see also attached) from onboarding at Nigg Energy Park, Invergordon, Scotland
In August 2016 AKOFS Offshore also assisted [James Fisher/Mojo] doing some cable work at a wave energy test site, Wave Hub, located off Hayle in Cornwall.

From October 2014 through October 2015 AKOFS Seafarer provided accommodation and Walk-to-Work services in connection with commissioning of the Borkum West 2 and Global Tech offshore wind farms, off Emshaven, Germany [for Adwen Gmbh]