With extensive vessel based subsea construction and intervention experience we can take on any subsea intervention challenge.

AKOFS Offshore has been pioneering Light Well Intervention (LWI) since 2013. The highly specialised LWI vessel AKOFS Seafarer is equipped for both Riserless Well Intervention (RLWI) as well as riserbased operations.

Riserless LWI

RLWI is performed without having to deploy a high-pressure workover riser, where the wireline cable is routed via a subsea lubricator system into the subsea well. Riserless well interventions enable e-line and slick-line operations such as:

• Well logging
• Perforation
• Zone isolation
• Plug setting and removal
• Change out of downhole safety valves
• Punching and tubing cutting services (mechanical and explosive)
• Caliper and leak detection services

The operational envelope can also be extended by use of tractors in horizontal wells.

Riserbased LWI
Adding to the services listed above, riserbased light well intrvention allows the following operations:

• Coiled tubing and wireline intervention
• Well test and clean-up capabilities
• Chemical injection, circulation, sand removal
• Push force and scale milling