With vessels outfitted for efficient and safe installation of sophisticated subsea systems, our onshore and offshore teams stand ready to take on your next challenge

Our worldwide track record includes:

• Installation and commissioning of subsea x-mas tree systems
(>300 x-mas tree systems installed)
• Installation and commissioning of tubing head spools/production
adaptor bases (>400 installations performed)
• Recovery of X-mas trees and tubing head spools / production adaptor bases
• Removal of hydrates in X-mas tree systems
• Production manifolds

X-mas Trees and Associated Equipment
With our vessels Skandi Santos and Aker Wayfarer we conduct specialized services of installing X-mas trees and associated equipment at deep and ultra-deep water. Since 2010 we have installed more than 400 X-mas trees.

Our innovative solutions and effective operations have given a reduction in CO2 emissions of 600 – 700 000 tonnes. With a combined net saving of more than 10 rig years, we have achieved significant cost savings for our customers.

Production Manifold Installations
A unique fibre rope deployment system allows AKOFS to provide pioneering ultra-deep-water installation of heavy manifolds. Our vessel, Aker Wayfarer, has installed 9 manifolds for Petrobras with the heaviest weighing 230 tonnes installed at close to a depth of 2200 m.

The manifolds have been over-boarded by use of Aker Wayfarer’s conventional 400t active heave compensating crane and submerged to about 200m below the sea surface. At this point, the Aker Wayfarer’s fibre rope deployment system, acting through the moonpool, takes over the load and the 400t AHC crane is detached. The descent to the sea bottom is continued from this point, maintaining the fire rope deployment systems full load capacity.